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Magic Socks: Home Hydrotherapy to Relieve Congestion

Head cold, sinus congestion, nasal congestion and/or chest congestion keeping you or your little one from getting a good night sleep? Teething inflammation for your little one?

Magic Socks (AKA Warming Socks) are a must have in your tool kit for relieving any upper body congestion!

They're helpful for everyone in the family...infants to elders.

Knitted wool baby socks on a wood floor


  • Pair of thin cotton ankle socks

  • Pair of thick wool socks (or wool slippers for the wee ones)

  • Warm foot bath (optional)


  1. Make sure your feet are warm before going to bed. Warm them in a warm foot bath, if needed.

  2. Soak the thin cotton socks in cold water (as cold as it will possibly come from the tap) and wring them out well. (I sometimes pop them in the freezer for a few minutes! The bigger the temperature difference between cold socks and warm feet, the better.)

  3. Sitting on the side of the bed, put the wet socks on first, then the dry wool socks and tuck your feet into bed. (I know putting warm feet in cold socks sounds awful, but be assured, within a few minutes you'll start to feel a warming sensation in your feet.)

How it works: Magic socks is a naturopathic, home hydrotherapy treatment. The cold stimulation from the cold socks, with the help of the wool socks, brings the warmth of blood flow to your feet. The focus of the blood flow to your feet pulls the congestion away from your face and chest, helping you breathe more comfortably, get a better night sleep and gently support your immune system. And, when you wake in the morning, your feet will be warm and dry.

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