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Well Rooted Matrescence

A monthly membership + community for nourishing resilience, cultivating community + expanding knowledge throughout your feeding journey from prenatal preparation to weaning.

When we cultivate our mothering resilience, it doesn't mean the storms of life won't blow through, but we'll have what we need to respond and adapt, with more calm, confidence and energy.

Well Rooted Matrescence contains support for the 'tasks' of early mothering, in a rich, reliable and growing library of content focused on postpartum healing, infant feeding, infant sleep, nervous system health, family health and natural rhythms.

This monthly membership program also includes weekly, live calls offering guidance for cultivating your mothering resilience and the deeper transition that’s unfolding for you – in how you look, feel, think, relate, who you are and what you value.

These virtual sessions are rooted in the rhythm that Nature models for us through her seasons and the cycles of the moon. Each month we'll move through four phases of cultivating mothering resilience:

Seasons of Resilience Website.png

Rest + Receive sessions focus on nourishing efficient rest, identifying and tending to your own needs and receiving nourishment. We all need to be well resourced for our inner journeys and for our day to day lives of caring for and nurturing our families.

Reemerge + Rise sessions focus on exploring questions arising on our journeys – about material from The Well Rooted Mama content library and your own experiences of what’s feeling challenging and where support is needed.

Reconnect + Relate sessions focus on nourishing connections with one another in community. Gather with us, with your favourite warm beverage, a nourishing snack and, if needed, your little one, and connect with the mamas journeying alongside you.

Reflect + Release sessions focus on taking a look at where you are on your own journey, what's no longer serving you and what you're ready to let go of as you continue forward.

Outside of the weekly live calls, there's a private, online community (outside of social media!) to connect and support each other within. And, from time to time, we’ll welcome guest teachers on topics relevant to what’s unfolding for you.

Well Rooted Matrescence is for you if you are a pregnant or new mother (child(ren) three and under) and if one or more of the following feels true for you:

Early mothering hasn’t been what you expected

You’re used to excelling in your career but this early mothering gig feels like a constant challenge

You thrive with a plan and schedule. Going with the flow and being with the uncertainty of early mothering feels terrifying or just plain impossible

You naturally and easily give more than you receive

You’re used to caring for and tending to other people’s needs before your own. Sometimes it’s hard to even know exactly what you need and when you do know, asking for support feels super uncomfortable.

You’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious (or both) during your first few years of mothering

It’s feeling harder to keep it all together as each day passes

You’re tired of striving to figure it all out, constantly looking for answers outside of yourself (from friends, family and local or online experts)

You’re ready to be open to new learning, to nourishing the connection with your inner wisdom and to exploring what’s unfolding in your inner world during this transformative journey into motherhood

You’re craving to be held by a nourishing, supportive community of mothers and a knowledgeable, caring guide

Program Features

Well Rooted Matrescence Library

Nourishing Rest + Resilience Practices

Creating Birth, Postpartum + Mothering Intentions

Comfort Measures for Labour + Birth

Preparing Healthy Foundations for Your Breastfeeding Journey

Breastfeeding Basics: Breast Milk, Feeding Hormones, Skin to Skin, Positioning, Latch + Feeding

Addressing Common Breastfeeding Challenges

Solid Food Introduction + Baby Led Weaning

Normal Infant Sleep + Nighttime Parenting

And more...


Cultivating Your Postpartum + Infant Feeding Support Village Module

Private Online Community for Well Rooted Matrescence Members

(away from social media)

Weekly Live Coaching + Connection Calls

Weekly Live Coaching + Connection Calls

Practice rest + resilience practices together.


Co-regulate in community

Create further clarity on the topics covered in the content library

Receive support for using the tools and strategies provided

Ask general questions about your own journey

Connect with other mothers in the program


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