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Well Rooted Postpartum + Early Mothering Consultations

Expand Knowledge. Nourish Resilience. Cultivate Community.

Natural, Whole Person Healthcare for Mothers, Babies + Young Children.

Infant Feeding

Lactation consultants are health care providers with specialized training and experience for supporting your feeding journey, whether you are breastfeeding, pumping and bottle feeding, formula feeding, starting solids or any combination of these.

Our work together around feeding your baby includes a thorough review of your concerns and challenges, your and your baby's health history, observing a feed and/or pumping session and completing an oral assessment for your baby, when needed.

We collaborate to create a care plan that is supportive and manageable. And, follow up sessions are scheduled based on your and your babies needs.

Infant Sleep Without
Sleep Training

Infant sleep development is directly connected to brain and nervous system development and is influenced by so many factors - developmental stage, sensory needs, stress (in them or their primary caregivers), nutrition, digestive health, maternal health, environment...

There's so much to consider to get to the root cause of sleep challenges. And, while behavioural sleep interventions (sleep training) may be helpful short term, most families find that they changes they experience with these approaches aren't permanent and they have to repeat them at different stages.

Working together around your baby's sleep, we'll explore all possible factors impacting naps and nighttime sleep and we'll explore ways to optimize sleep for their developmental stage while optimizing rest for you during this season of life.

Maternal Health

Mama, your health is the foundation of your family's health. Our culture has taught women for generations to take care of everyone else first - that's why what we eat and drink, how we rest, when we seek support tends to lowest on our priorities. It's not easy to start putting ourselves first - in fact in can feel so uncomfortable (enter mom guilt) that we avoid it or once we start it's near impossible to 'stay on track'.

That's why having someone to guide you - someone with years of training and experience working with women to optimize health and well being with a root cause approach using gentle, natural therapeutics - can be so valuable. Together, we explore your health concerns an create a care plan that feels manageable amidst whatever season of mothering you're in.

I believe that when mothers feel healthy and well, families feel healthy and well. And when families feel healthy and well, so then do communities.

Infant + Toddler Health

Details coming.

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